Halloween Toffee Apples


It’s almost time for Halloween and I’m sure that many of us are planning what costume to wear. Not me - I’m thinking about what to eat!

Toffee apples are a classic Halloween and autumn staple and so easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. If you’re planning on having a party this month or have been invited to one, these are the perfect snack to eat whilst hiding from all the ghosts and ghouls outside! Read on to check out how to make them….


You Will Need:

10 Medium Apples

500g of Caster Sugar

125g of Cold Water

4 tbsps of Golden Syrup

Red Food Gel or Colouring

Wooden Skewers

To Make:

  • Wash, take the stalks out of the apples and replace with wooden skewers, set aside for later.

  • Bring the caster sugar and cold water to the boil then add the syrup and the red colouring.

  • Simmer for around ten minutes or until done. To test if the mixture is ready, pour a small amount into a mug of cold water, if the mixture solidifies, it is done and if it is sticky to touch, keep simmering.

  • Coat each of the apples in the toffee mixture and leave to cool on some baking parchment for around an hour.

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