Hallmark’s Lacey Chabert Just Shared A Post About Missing Her Sister After Her Passing, And It’s Extremely Touching

 Lacey Chabert In The Wedding Veil
Lacey Chabert In The Wedding Veil

It’s been almost a couple of years since Lacey Chabert unexpectedly lost her sister Wendy, but the Hallmark star has been open about her journey toward healing in the time since. The actress has remembered her sister while on family trips with her other sibling Chrissy, and remembered National Sisters Day, as well. This week, she shared a remembrance post that’s not only touching, but it should resonate with anyone who has lost someone close to them before.

Lacey Chabert took to her Instagram Stories to share a video from food blogger Kathleen Ashmore, who posts content to Instagram under Kat_Can_Cook. Her post was actually about a BLT, but that BLT was used as a metaphor for missing her own dad, who also passed away. Kat noted that when she meets people who have recently encountered loss, she always asks the same question, telling her followers:

What was their name? Tell me about them. Because the life that you shared holds locked memories that only you can open.

For Chabert, the video seemed very meaningful. She reposted it to her own social with a touching message about what it felt like to lose Wendy and how it has been “simple things” – like making a BLT – that help the memories to flood back in full. She responded on her Instagram Stories with her own take on the viral video and how it made her feel.

Screenshot of Lacey Chabert talking about her sister Wendy.
Screenshot of Lacey Chabert talking about her sister Wendy.

While Chabert didn't share specific memories of Wendy, here, she has in the past. After it had been a year since Wendy died, the actress had gotten back to work and gotten involved with new projects on the Hallmark schedule, but the grief hadn't gone away. She shared the way she was struggling with the loss and how it was her own daughter Julia who had really helped her to get into a better frame of mind in regards to her grief journey. She shared at the time:

During these past six months when someone would refer to Wendy in past tense it was just crushing to me. It’s normal to do this of course, but it still always took me back, even when I did it. The other day as Julia and I were watching a movie, I said, 'This was one of Aunt Wendy’s favorite movies growing up.' Julia corrected me and said, 'No, mom it’s still one of her favorite movies, she’s just up in heaven now.' Such wisdom. ...It’s still present tense. She’s just, 'up in heaven now.'

In a word: touching. You can see Kat’s full video about love and grief below. Lacey Chabert also commented on her original post, including a heart emoji.

And if you are reading this and are lucky enough to have a loved one sitting close by, do give them a big hug and tell them you love them. Life and time are precious, and the more we can remember that in the moment, the more we'll have fond memories to draw on when the hard times hit.

Our thoughts go out to the Hallmark star as she's thinking about her sister today, and every day.