Halle Berry swears by luxury body wash for combatting dry 'crocodile' skin

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  • Halle Berry
    Halle Berry
    American artist

Halle Berry swears a luxury body wash helps her avoid getting "crocodile" skin.

In an interview for New York Magazine's The Strategist, the Oscar-winning actress raved about Esker Beauty's Clarifying Body Wash, which is priced at $30 (£25) a bottle.

While Halle used to rely on moisturisers to keep her skin hydrated, she is a massive convert to Esker's formula.

"There are some body washes that I've used where it makes my skin feel clean, but at the same time, I feel completely depleted of any oils on my skin. And if I don't apply lotion right after, I turn into a crocodile," she joked to the publication. "The Esker body wash makes me feel clean, but I don't feel super-dry and my skin doesn't feel stripped when I get out of the shower. As a woman of colour, body cream has been my best friend, always."

Halle went on to insist that her morning routine is minimal and revolves around a quick shower.

"Whether I need it or not, I just like the feel of applying a really good body cream because I like giving my skin a nice drink. I feel better when I feel hydrated. But with this cleanser, I actually don't have to use a cream afterwards, which is great because sometimes I'm sort of running around, and need to just get clean and get out the door. I don't have a lot of time to do a whole routine, so when I have to cut out a step in my routine, I love that this cleanser lets me without any consequences," the 55-year-old continued.

Elsewhere in the chat, Halle named NatureLab. Tokyo's Perfect Shine Oil Mist as her go-to haircare product, and the Resorè Body Towel as her favourite towel.

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