Halle Berry Responds to Sexist Critics Who Say She 'Can't Keep a Man'

Claudia Canavan
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Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth - Getty Images

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  • Actress Halle Berry shared an Instagram quote, which read: 'Women Don't Owe You Shit'

  • While most of the replies were affirming, a few people said words to the effect of that she 'can't keep a man'

  • Berry was quick to fill these commenters in on exactly what she thinks of such words

Verified superstar Halle Berry has let the world know precisely what she thinks to comments that she 'can't keep a man.' The actress shared a quote to her Instagram page recently, which read: 'Women Don't Owe You Shit'.

This statement resounded with a lot of people – including Chrissy Teigen ('Alright, we goin!!!' the presenter replied) and former Sister Sister star, Tia Mowry (who wrote, simply, 'Word'). But a minority of hateful commenters felt the need to chime in with statements like: 'says the women who can't keep a man.'

Another naysayer wrote: 'you may have to start looking in the mirror, because it's definitely you. What is it that you're doing wrong? With all of your accomplishments, fame, beauty, it seems as if you can't keep a man.' Another read: 'I get the feeling that you're too controlling, demanding and probably full of your self [sic]. IDK but it's definitely you. Ask yourself, what is it that you're doing wrong.'

The 54-year-old, who shares a daughter Nahla, with ex Gabriel Aubry and a son, Maceo, with ex-husband Olivier Martinez, was quick to step in. 'Who says I wanna keep the wrong man?' she wrote to one person. 'Cuz … I don't.'

To another she said: 'Who said I wanted to keep them? I'm all about living your best life. If you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!'

One commenter who claimed that the words of her post are 'not what most wives tell their husbands who pay for everything,' she replied: 'Well, I'm not one of them. No man has ever taken care of me ... EVER!'

To another person who asked if Berry has 'trouble with men' she said: 'Nope, they had trouble with me.'

A woman who has zero time for outdated stereotypes? We love to see it .

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