Halle Berry 'having fun' making her own face masks

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Halle Berry is "having fun" making home-made face masks with her teenage daughter Nahla.

The 54-year-old actress recently opened up on her skincare regime, and said her approach to beauty and wellness has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And as she's not been able to get regular facials, Halle decided to do them herself, and now considers herself a pro.

"I'm giving myself more pedicures and facials and concocting things. If I'm doing a deep cleanse on my skin, (I'll apply) a homemade mask made of yogurt, honey and lemon for vitamin C. I'm really having fun," the X-Men: Days of Future Past star told People.

"It's really been fun doing it with my daughter. She just turned 13, so she's learning about all these products. But, I love teaching her about what I consider real beauty, which is taking care of your natural skin," Halle explained, noting that she's been helping her daughter to learn about confidence with her beauty advice.

"It's not about covering your natural face with goo gobs of make-up. It's not about hiding who you are, but really learning how to have the confidence to put your real self forward," the Oscar-winning actress added.

Elsewhere in the interview, the mother-of-two said she's realised the importance of living mindfully thanks to her health and wellness platform re-spin.

"The mission statement of re-spin is, and that's let's re-spin everything we thought we knew. I think if we challenged those old stereotypes and those old beliefs and those old conventions about beauty, about health, about wellness, about fitness, we'll find that there are newer, fresher, and better ways of doing things. And it's like, when you know better, you do better," Halle stated.