Halle Berry, 55, just wore a plunging gold sequin jumpsuit on Instagram

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Halle Berry, 55, just wore a plunging gold sequin jumpsuit on Instagram

We all have that one friend who's absolutely obsessed with jumpsuits. And what's not to love? They're comfy, practical and you can even ride a bike in 'em. They also look super cute, so that's a thing too. Well, it turns out that Halle Berry might be that friend among A-listers and, just like that, we love her even more.

Overnight, Halle shared pics of her latest outfit on Instagram. As you might've already guessed, it's a jumpsuit. But it's not just any jumpsuit. No sir, this jumpsuit is actually, and I quote, "perfect". Let me explain.

The number in question is a long sleeve style, designed by Amen, with flared legs and is completely covered in gold sequin pinstripes. As for the neckline, it's a mega low one, finishing just above the belly button with matching panels wrapped around the waist meeting in the middle. Given the plunging front, Halle goes bra-free in the number, accessorising with a gold crucifix necklace, teamed with a pair of oversized hoop earrings.

In short, Halle looks totally amazing. And we're also so here for her caption, which reads: "Life ain’t always perfect but this damn jumpsuit is 👏🏽" And, like, she's not wrong.

See the look here:

Holy smokes, right??

Celebrity pals were just as keen on the 'fit as Halle, with Gabrielle Union commenting "Yes ma'am", and Heidi Klum adding "WOW 😍". The fans were similarly here for it, and the comments say it all:

Youuuuu are 😍😍😍😍

🔥🔥❤️ broke my phone


All kinds of yesssssssssssss


It is in fact perfect!!!

Halle's stylist, Lindsay Flores, shared the outfit on her own account with the caption: "Can’t fuck with perfection..."

True dat.

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