Halima Aden helps to create face masks for hijab-wearing frontline workers

Jessica Davis

From Harper's BAZAAR

Model Halima Aden has partnered with AI tech company Anywear to create face masks for hijab-wearing frontline workers.

The capsule collection includes hijabs and turbans that come with matching face coverings, which are designed with a built-in extender to clip comfortably behind the head.

Aden used to work at the St. Cloud hospital in Minnesota cleaning patient rooms, before her successful modelling career started.

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“As many hijab-wearing women are working at healthcare facilities, I wanted to make sure they have a comfortable option for wearing a mask while keeping their hair covered,” she told Insider, explaining why this collaboration is so important to her.

“It can also get hot running around at the pace healthcare employees are right now, so a breathable fabric was a must.”

Every piece is made from organic fabrics, which are machine-washable and reusable.

Aden continued: “I really wanted the pieces to give a feeling of tranquility and calm, so I went with soft shades that bring a feeling of peace.”

“Like everyone, my livelihood haas been turned upside down. I just keep reminding myself [of] something that my mum always says: ‘Hard times don’t last, but strong people do.’”

For every set purchased from the Banding Together Project, a hijab set, headband or specially devised medical cap (designed to ease the discomfort of wearing a face mask) will be donated to hospitals in need.

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