Haley Lu Richardson tapped to star in Jonas Brothers' music video

Haley Lu Richardson has been tapped to star in the music video for the Jonas Brothers' new song Wings.

Over the weekend, Joe Jonas shared a sneak peek into the project's cast via his own social media channels, captioning the post, "Guys, we're shooting a video for Wings. I'm probably gonna get in trouble for showing you this, but it's going insanely well."

The post included a video showing Haley wearing a Las Vegas T-shirt and dancing in a hotel room.

After fans noticed Haley in the footage, The White Lotus actress shared it to her Instagram Stories, writing atop it, "Please hold while I attempt to process this moment."

Lead single Wings is set to drop on 24 February. It will be included in the Jonas Brothers' upcoming sixth studio album, The Album, which is slated for release on 5 May.

In December, Haley admitted she was a massive fan of the pop group during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Later, Nick Jonas later called into the programme to surprise her.

"You're a huge part of my childhood, and therefore, life forever. All of my Converse, as I said earlier, that I had in grade school and middle school, had your name on them, and I'm so proud of you," the 27-year-old exclaimed. "And going to your guys' concerts now, like recently, as adults, I just feel so proud of the three of you, and I feel so happy for your lives, and your creative endeavours, and your families. And I love you."