Haley Lu Richardson says Jonas Brothers music video is 'biggest role' of her life

Haley Lu Richardson loved working with the band credit:Bang Showbiz
Haley Lu Richardson loved working with the band credit:Bang Showbiz

Haley Lu Richardson says starring in a Jonas Brothers music video is the "biggest role" of her career.

The 'White Lotus' actress appeared in the promo for the group's new single 'Wings' and the superfan was left stunned when she found out she'd be working with them.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "Oh man, I don’t know where to start. It’s the biggest thing of my life.

“It’s the biggest role of my career: past, present and future. It was amazing and I cried for three days straight.”

The 27-year-old was was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway when she checked her voicemails and noticed one from an unsaved number.

She explained: "I played it, and it was like, ‘Hey, Haley, this is Joe Jonas. And me and my brothers just had this idea about this video. So, uh, give me a call back.' ”

She admitted she replayed the message "like 12 more times", before pulling over the car and listening to it "another 20 times" as she became overwhelmed by the whole situation.

She added: "I listened to it 12 more times, pulled over and listened to it another 20 times, cried, listened to it again and then spent the rest of the time driving to where I was going."

She eventually managed to call him back, and revealed: "I just told him I would do anything for him. Literally anything. And then I met them and was in this video.”

She previously met the trio at a meet and greet around 2007 or 2008, but now she truly feels like she's living the dream.

She said: "Honestly, after meeting the Jonas Brothers, yes! That was the most dream, monumental... Like, everyone’s how does it feel to be on the 'White Lotus'? I’m like, it’s cool, but the Jonas Brothers though?! That’s cool!"