Hairy Bikers star offers update on Dave Myers' health battle

Appearing on This Morning, Hairy Bikers star Si King was asked about his screen partner Dave Myers after the TV cook revealed his recent cancer diagnosis.

Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

- We mentioned it at the beginning the show. If anyone's just tuned in now, we'll ask-- we'll ask you again. Dave OK? You know, sort of just--

SI KING: Yeah, you know, he remains really positive. He's really focused on the treatment that he's receiving. So, yeah, you know? And we're all rallying around him because-- and you know what he's like. As I was saying, he's just as tough as an old boot. So he'll get there.

- Send him our love.

- Send him [INAUDIBLE]--

- Yes, of course.

- --and all of our love.

- Yeah.

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