'Hairy Bikers' star Dave Myers 'wouldn't wish chemo on his worst enemy'

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Hairy Bikers chef Dave Myers is receiving treatment for cancer. (PA)
Hairy Bikers chef Dave Myers is receiving treatment for cancer. (PA)

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers said he wouldn't wish chemotherapy 'on his worst enemy' as he vowed to 'never whinge again' once his treatment is over.

The TV chef, famous for his TV shows with friend and colleague Si King, spoke to Kate Thornton on White Wine Question Time about his treatment, having revealed his cancer diagnosis in May.

"Fortunately," the 64-year-old explained, "I think the chemo's working. But the effect that chemotherapy has on you... every day is a school day.

"My eyes are sore because my eyelashes have fallen out. It's crap like that, that's really irritating. But I'm getting there."

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He said he'd been to the doctor earlier this year 'complaining of bits and bobs' and had been surprised to receive a phone call saying he had a tumour and needed chemotherapy.

He said he's trying some different tactics to help him through it, but added: "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, to be fair.

"All I'm hoping for is, when I get through this, I'll never whinge again, about anything.

"I really want to embrace life and everything it's got to offer."

Programme Name: The Hairy Bikers Go North - TX: 23/09/2021 - Episode: The Hairy Bikers Go North - Ep1 Lancashire (No. 1 - Lancashire) - Picture Shows: at Blackpool Tower. Dave Myers, Si King - (C) South Shore Productions - Photographer: Jon Boast
Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King have travelled the world for their cooking shows. (South Shore Productions)

Myers has been watching back old episodes of their shows, including from their time visiting Japan.

"I think, 'oh my god, we're so lucky'," he said. "We were in Kyoto, just eating the most amazing food with the Kyoto geishas. We've done some mad stuff, just riding to service stations in Japan.

"For two Northern lads, [to think] this is our working day. And sometimes we've whinged —it's never gonna happen again."

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He described King as 'fit as a butcher's dog', which prompted his friend to say: "I keep trying to cough and limp just to make him feel better.

"It's hard seeing somebody you love in those trenches. Because it's tough. It really is tough.

"He's as tough as an old boot. Which is what we're all relying on. He's as hard as nails, Dave, he's a proper Barrow lad."

Si King and Dave Myers on The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure. (BBC)
Si King and Dave Myers on The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure. (BBC)

Myers also admitted he had been watching episodes of Rick Stein's cookery shows to try and get his appetite back, saying he now also couldn't eat garlic or onions.

"It's all gone belly up," he said, though he'd heard it would come back, but for the moment he's been craving cottage pie and Vimto.

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King also remembered a time he had been in intensive care after a brain aneurysm and Myers had come to visit him.

He told Myers he wanted a pork pie, because he hadn't eaten in six days and was 'starving', to which Myers replied: "You can't have a pork pie man, you're in ITU."

But he went out anyway, bought him one from M&S and cut it up.

Dave Myers had revealed his 'Baldy Biker' look on social media in May. (Hairy Bikers Twitter)
Dave Myers had revealed his 'Baldy Biker' look on social media in May. (Hairy Bikers Twitter)

King remembered: "He was going: 'Here, here. I'll keep an eye on the nurses.' I'm shoving pork pie through me tube in me gob.

"He's keeping an eye on the nurses, they're going: 'What are you two buggers doing?'"

Saying the story 'perfectly defined' their relationship King explained that in the background there would also be 'serious stuff' such as calming each other down, or getting takeaways for the family because everyone had been in hospital all day.

King added: "It's just that love and care and attention is what we're about really for each other, and that's important to us both."

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