Hair trend alert: Zigzag partings

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The ‘90s is the decade that just keeps giving and the latest retro look to make a comeback is the infamous zigzag hair trend.

The look first emerged during the ‘90s and continued into the early ‘00s with anyone who was anyone rocking the angular parting, including Britney Spears, Mel B, Alicia Keys, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Christina Aguilera.

The zigzag parting allowed perfect pop singers to show a bit of edge and was usually accompanied by a bouncy blow-dry or a severe updo doused in hairspray.

Singer-and-actress Mandy Moore has admitted she was embarrassed about embracing the zigzag back in the ‘90s, complete with tendrils hanging down in front of her face with the rest of her locks tightly pulled back and styled to create a ‘peacock fan effect’.

"I don’t even know where to start with this," Moore captioned a throwback photo she posted in 2018. "How could I have ever thought this was acceptable?”

But now supermodel Bella Hadid has injected new life into the previously shunned style, introducing a less polished and softer dimension to the look with fewer, larger angles.

The star recently posted a selfie on Instagram of her sporting a fully committed zigzag parting, finishing the look with a messy, wavy ponytail. And it was a huge hit with her army of social media followers, attracting almost two million likes.

Vanessa Hudgens and Olivia Munn have also given the style an update, with Vanessa wearing hers with a sleek low bun and heavy winged eyeliner, while Olivia let her locks flow in loose, glossy waves.

If you want a retro hairstyle to complement your platform shoes, tie-dye T-shirt, mom jeans, and bucket hat, look no further than the zigzag.

It’s super versatile as it works for wavy or straight, short, medium, or long hair, and all you need is a teasing comb, styling cream, and hairspray!

How to recreate the look:

1. Comb hair from the roots at the front of your head and sweep backwards. Using the pointed end of the comb handle, draw a zigzag line starting at your forehead. While the classic ‘90s offering involved lots of small, neat angles the updated version is larger and softer – so three or four zigzags is plenty.

2. Smooth down the hair on either side of your new parting using your palms, then add some styling cream or texture spray to create a messy finish.

3. Copy Bella’s laidback updo and fix your hair up into a loose ponytail or bun. This looks great with wavy or scrunched hair, but the parting can be tricky to pull off if your hair is too curly.

The secret to making this trend work is to keep it cool and casual, avoid elaborate updos as it will lose its edge and you’ll end up looking more ‘90s Britney than modern Bella.

4. Spritz a little hairspray to keep the look in place.

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