HAIR NEWS: Now Milla Jovovich Makes Like Alice Dellal With an Undercut

HAIR NEWS: Now Milla Jovovich Makes Like Alice Dellal With an Undercut

It takes a beautiful face to pull off an avant grade haircut and Milla Jovovich definitely has that. Having previously shaved her head, worked a blunt, precision fringe and dyed her hair every colour from orange to black to blonde, the model-slash-actress was spotted at WonderCon working that very Hoxton of hairstyles – the undercut.

Joining the ranks of Alice Dellal, Emeli Sande and hundreds of other edgy Brit babes Mila takes no prisoners when it comes to working a look and making it her own. Note the chic side parting, the healthy hair colour and the sophisticated shiny finish. Yep, she’s proof that the undercut can look fashion forward and flattering if you follow a few specific rules…

1.        Adapt the undercut to the length that is most flattering and comfortable for you – short and sharp if a bob is your usual style and long and flowing if that’s your comfort blanket. 

2.        Colour doesn’t have to be rooty and dip dyed (Although it can look fabulous on the right person), warm brunette shades, minky blondes and even honey golds can really work well. 

3.        Avoid wearing your hair super straight and instead bring in a little texture as Mila has done by scrunch drying. Failing that a good blast of dry shampoo or a soft wave can be just as effective. 

4.        The final rule? WEAR WITH ATTITUDE. She may be much more polished than the likes of Alice Delail but there’s nothing wishy washy about her attitude or her make-up. Think heavy black eye liner, spiked, black lashes and a flawless but foundation free face to keep things real.

Will YOU be jumping on the undercut bandwagon?

by Liz Hambleton

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