HAIR NEWS: Is Kate Middleton Going Grey?

HAIR NEWS: Is Kate Middleton Going Grey?

Here at Grazia HQ we’ve been hearing murmurings that Kate Middleton is beginning to go, dare we say it, grey. Back in January The Daily Mail claimed their sources had revealed that the Duchess has 'to her horror, started finding the odd grey hair (‘stress highlights’, her friends joke) and has been having an organic vegetable-based dye and subtle low-lights applied.' Then this weekend, the newspaper reported sightings of flecks of grey at the Duchess’ temples while at the St Patrick’s Day parade. Yikes!

Whether the reports are correct or otherwise, it’s true to say that here in the Grazia Beauty department we’ve always been fans of K-Middys’ tresses.  After all, whether that big bouncy blow dry floats your boat or has you reeling in horror, there’s no denying that Kate’s got some of the glossiest, shiniest and most healthy looking hair out there.

If the rumours are true – then a) we wouldn't be surprised; surely it's pretty stressful getting married in front of millions of people and b) Kate is most definitely not alone.  “While blondes, even natural ones, suffer from dry, brittle hair, many brunettes develope the odd stray of grey from the age of 25 explains,” says Beauty Director Liz Hambleton. “There would be nothing out of the ordinary about some Kate's age having a spec of grey!”

And the solution? Well most people turn to dye to mask those pesky greys, but there are a few rules to bear in mind when turning to the bottle.  Hairdresser Louise Galvin tends to the tresses of some of most chic and influential brunettes out there, (including Samantha Cameron), specialising in working up, chic, glossy and natural looking colour. She explains: “People tend to reel in horror at the first sighting of grey often turning to a darker, or reddy tone to hide them.  While this masks the dreaded grey, it also masks any natural nuances and shade variation in the hair making for a 2-dimensional and often unflattering finish.  The secret to success lies in applying several similar shades to maintain a healthy, natural and multidimensional looking end result!”

You have been warned...

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