Your hair extensions could be coming from a not so nice place

The origins of some hair extensions are a little shocking [Photo: Pexels]

You may think hair extensions are a bygone trend but the amount of A-listers still clipping in fake hair is inspiring a whole new generation.

If you’ve ever shopped around for those faux luscious locks, you’re sure to have seen the usual labels proclaiming ‘Brazilian hair’ and the like.

Each year, a new nationality seems to be the trend du jour in the hair extension industry.

But a new campaign is trying to open our eyes to where these extensions really come from.

Fair Hair Care have found some pretty shocking things in their investigation into the origins of hair extensions.

While most ‘human hair’ products are actually goat hair, this is the least surprising thing about their findings.

Kylie Jenner is just one of the celebrities inspiring people to try out extensions [Photo: Instagram]

The organisation has found that some human hair is actually coming from little girls and even corpses.

“Girls as young as a two will have their heads shaved as a ritual sacrifice. It is framed as a religious ceremony, but the child in question has little comprehension of what is happening to her,” Fair Hair Care told Metro.

“Afterwards, their hair is casually tossed into a bin, but it won’t be thrown away. The children don’t realise, but their hair will be sold to hair dealers and then shipped on to the salons of Western Europe.”

“In other instances, some extensions could be taken from corpses or could be from girls as young as who have cut off their hair to sell for just a few pounds. This is despite the fact that in the UK, a full head of extensions of the best quality European hair would set you back £2,000.”

Fair Hair Care concluded that “there is no current regulation in the hair extension industry. Factory practices are unethical.”

If you feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of wearing hair from a child, animal or dead person, there’s something you can do to help.

Fair Hair Care have set up a petition aiming to force the hair extension industry to sign up to a regulatory system. All they need is 500,000 signatures.

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