Hailey Bieber's lazy girl hairstyle is our new party season inspiration

I'm for sure a summer hair person. Let me look beachy and undone and just rolled off my hammock all year round please. But no, party season comes around and it's all perfectly coiffed Hollywood curls, suspiciously gel-free slicked buns, and inside-outy ponytails that look super easy in 15 seconds on TikTok, but will have me breaking out in a sweat on attempt seven, 40 minutes after I was supposed to leave the house.

So let us take the time to thank a frequent champion of the effortless cool girl aesthetic, Mrs Hailey Rhode Bieber, for proving lazy girl hair has a place at the party.

Hailey wore her long brown hair messy and undone for the glamorous Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards, giving hope to lazy girls everywhere.

Though they look untouched and as God intended, Hailey's perfectly touseled and textured waves were actually the work of hair stylist Danielle Priano and assisted by Kelli Hoff. But rather than heavily style or manipulate the hair, the decision to work with it into these undone tresses is liberation for us all this party season.

hailey bieber lazy girl hairstyle
Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Whether simply air-drying will get you here, or some pre-braiding and scrunching is needed, it's a chance to let you hair do it's own thing and not worry too much about misbehaving strands and pre-party styling.

Is it my toxic trait that I think my attempt at this will look as good as two celebrity hair stylists? Quite possibly. But I will be doing it none the less.

The hair was matched with equally minimal makeup by Mary Phillips, doubling down on the... glam-free glam? And tell us she doesn't still look eye-wateringly elegant and well... glamorous.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not ruling out excessive glitter and my love-hate relationship with up-do tutorials all party season. But if I want to leave my hair un-styled with my sequin shift... I just might.

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