Hailey Bieber sports glazed doughnut skin in makeup-less selfie

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Photo credit: Instagram/haileybieber
Photo credit: Instagram/haileybieber

One thing's for sure, Hailey Bieber has incredible skin and she's not afraid to show it. Unfiltered, up close and without a stitch of makeup on.

While good genes can undoubtedly play their part, we know that Hailey takes her skincare seriously.

She regularly shares her routine on social media and of course, is now launching her own beauty brand, rhode, which looks like it might give us the exact glazed doughnut skin that Hailey just showed in her latest Instagram selfie.

Lying, what we can only imagine is poolside, in the warm Californian sun, Hailey took a minute to snap a makeup-free selfie and with skin this good, who can blame her.

You'd be forgiven for thinking she was wearing highlighter with that glow. I mean, I think I've spent thousands of pounds at this point on cream highlighters to achieve the exact look that Hailey has naturally.

*Deep breaths*

Side note, her selfie is also proof that redness in skin is something a lot of us experience and should never, ever be ashamed of.

If Hailey can embrace a rosy cheek, so can you. We might even get you to post a no makeup selfie to prove it.

Photo credit: Instagram/haileybieber
Photo credit: Instagram/haileybieber

While we patiently wait the launch of rhode, we'll be stalking Hailey's TikTok and Instagram to make our own product wish list.

Better get saving asap then. At least I can cut back on my highlighter costs, hey?

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