Hailey Bieber shares her favourite sweet snack with TikTok followers and now we want one

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Hands up if you love a biscuit or two (okay, three) every now and then?

And we're not talking about the semi-healthy oat-based varieties or sad low-cal offerings where all the delicious fat and sugar has been replaced with unpronounceable ingredients in the name of 'health'.

Well, supermodel and beauty entrepreneur Hailey Bieber is also a fan - and she's shared her fave treats with her 9+ million TikTok followers.

The 25-year-old has always been big on sharing her experiences with her fans, from her get ready with me beauty videos to sharing insights into her life with Justin.

And now and Hailey has recently done it again on the social media platform - this time revealing her favourite sweet treat. And, not going to lie, she's seriously influenced us with this one.

The video is short but sweet, lasting 12 seconds, but it was long enough for Hailey’s love for one particular treat to shine through. And we'd wager they'll be a solid choice of snack for a fair few of you, too – Oreos!

In the video, we see Hailey sporting a yellow and green graphic top along with many gorgeous rings - including her not-insignificantly-sized engagement ring - and a necklace made of what look like pearls.

She shows us what appears to be a half-eaten chocolate sandwich biscuit, before confirming that this is, indeed, 'a chocolate-covered Oreo'.

We then see Hailey take a bite out of it and her facial expressions whilst eating it before she brings the classic American biscuit closer to the camera and says, simply: ‘Wow’.

There's also some clanging in the background, which we're choosing to believe is husband JB doing the dishes as Hailey enjoys the tasty morsel. Which, it turns out, you can buy these side of the Atlantic, too. Only slathered in Cadbury chocolate rather than the US alternative.

It’s clear that the Oreo was a bite of pure heaven for Hailey (and who can blame her), but her caption confirms her love for the sandwich biscuits more than anything else; ‘one thing about me is, I’m an Oreo anything girl’.

Okay, so now we simply must have a biscuit. While we're on the topic, it's worth noting that WH wholly stand behind the 80:20 approach to nutrition, biscuit munching included.

In other words: eat your balanced, varied, plant-rich diet 80% of the time. Then don't sweat the 20% of stuff you eat not for it's nutritional nous, but simply because it tastes good!

So, whether yours is a choc-covered Oreo like Hailey's or a classic British Hobnob or Chocolate Digestive, crack on and enjoy, as part of a balanced diet.

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