Hailey Bieber reveals the tattoo she regrets most

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Regrets. We’ve all got ‘em. For some of us, that might be texting the ex you swore you’d never speak to again. For others it’s that cringey tattoo you got on your girls holiday at 19. And it seems, even when you’re a big time celeb you can’t escape regret.

Hailey Bieber showed off a more relatable side this weekend, after she opened up to Elle magazine about the tattoo she wishes she hadn’t got.

Despite having more than 20 tatts across her body, Hailey revealed it’s the handgun etched into her middle finger that she regrets the most.

“I think at 18, I was like, ‘Yeah! That looks cool.’ But now, as a 24-year-old, I would never do that. I think guns are violent,” she said.

One tatt she certainly doesn’t regret is symbolic to her relationship with Justin Bieber. In fancy script on her ring finger you’ll find a ‘J’ next to a sparkling North Star. But Hailey revealed the ink caused some controversy at first, after fans accused her of lying about it being real.

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Due to the skin on that finger being particularly thin, the tattoo wore off not long after she got it. “Everybody thought I was lying that I got the tattoo,” she told Elle, adding that she made sure to have it redone as soon as she could.

While most of us might have apprehensions about getting our lover's name etched on our bod forever, Hailey is confident the couple have nothing to worry about.

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“I do think for somebody like me and somebody like Justin, [it’s different]. We’ve seen a lot for our age. We both have lived enough to know that’s what we wanted,” she said.

“We were friends first for a really long time before there was anything romantic. But we always knew that we were aligned on what we wanted in our future. We had talked about wanting to be married young and having a family young and building a life. Even before we knew we wanted to be with each other.”

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