Hailey Bieber leads the way for this soon-to-be-popular 'cottagecore' hair trend

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Hailey leads the way for this spring hair trendMEGA - Getty Images

While it may not feel like it (thanks to the weather), spring is fast approaching – T-minus two weeks! And so, what better way to get into the Easter egg, daisy chains and frolicking floral spirit than with a brand new hair trend? After all, winter has already seen us all cut our long locks into cropped 'dos thanks to the bob brigade...

At the forefront of said spring hair trend, is none other than Hailey Bieber, who took to her Instagram feed just short of 24-hours ago with her debut look. In the post, that she simply captioned: "🎀🎀💕", Hails wears her cropped hairstyle in a middle parting with two baby braids. However, to add that much-appreciated sense of 'cottagecore' (bare with me here), the model has accessorised with tiny pink hair ribbons tied into bows.

Now, ICYMI, TikTok coined this look 'cottagecore' a few years back and, aesthetically speaking, it embraces the charm of the countryside, aka an idealised representation of farm life – very spring, right?! Think: floral, whimsical, dreamy, country living.

And in terms of beauty, the look includes hairstyles like the popular 'Tinkerbell' topknot, loose beachy waves, and of course, accessories such as hair bows and ribbons.

But it's not just Hailey cementing this as a trend, for many other celebrities seem to be rocking a very similar look. Madison Beer, Sadie Sink and Nicola Peltz Beckham all shared their cottagecore interpretations on Instagram over this past weekend.

Madison opted for a twisted Pam Anderson-esque updo, accessorised with dainty pastel blue bows:

Sadie complemented her fiery red locks with an emerald green velvet bow:

While Nicola topped off her baby braids ponytail with individual bow-tied ribbons:

I mean, if these pics don't confirm the trend, then IDK what will!

But for now, I'm off to recreate all four hair looks in order to live out my escapist fantasies... Pinterest could never.

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