Hailey Baldwin Is Cutting Back On Modeling To Spend More Time With Justin Bieber

Shannon Barbour
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    V for Vendetta
    What this actually means is the boyfriend has enough money and she has enough money so she can stop if she wants but will keep doing the odd event to ensure when her relationship goes up in flames she can walk straight back to the job!
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    Now if only he could give up on music to spend more time with her, that would be something!
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    I give it a year.
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    Wrong. Keep your job and your own money because depending on him for your livelihood is a bad idea.
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    You kids are just so adorable!!!! So happy for you both!!! You're young and smart!!! One day at a time.....
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    Justin and Hailey are so cute; I just love them.
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    They must spend more time in mental hospital
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    so he needs more free time to plow her field?
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    Canadian Geek
    ... i can't even find sarcastic stuff to say about all these people anymore...
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    "being choosy", not from where I sit considering who she is hanging out with.