Hailee Steinfeld hails the 'incredible women' in her life

Hailee Steinfeld has hailed her female influences credit:Bang Showbiz
Hailee Steinfeld has hailed her female influences credit:Bang Showbiz

Hailee Steinfeld has always been surrounded by strong women.

The 26-year-old actress - who shot to stardom in the 2010 Western movie 'True Grit' - believes that the strong women in her life have helped to shape her personality.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Hailee explained: "I've had a lot of incredible women in my life from a very young age.

"So, I've never had a problem speaking up for myself. It starts with my mom and my grandmother. I have my cousins who I've always felt like I could look up to. They're incredible mothers and incredible businesswomen."

Hailee has been inspired by strong women in her professional life, too.

The Hollywood star shared: "I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible female filmmakers who have inspired me within the field that I'm in by owning their power. Not abusing it by any means, but understanding that they have it. Learning from them and how they use it has been incredible to experience firsthand."

Hailee has struck up a friendship Florence Pugh in recent years.

The 27-year-old actress made a guest appearance on 'Hawkeye', the Disney miniseries, and Hailee found Florence's on-set attitude to be "incredibly exciting and inspiring".

She explained: "I'll never forget the moment I met Florence. We were well into shooting 'Hawkeye' at this point, and obviously, she had 'Black Widow' at that time, but I could see how it could be intimidating to walk into a show and a foundation that's already been built.

"Watching Florence walk on set like she had been there since day one was incredibly exciting and inspiring. She is so wickedly talented and has the best sense of humour. It's just amazing to be around.

"We hit it off very quickly. It's always fun to find friends in all of this, and to be able to stand back and watch her and cheer her on from afar has been a very exciting thing for me."