All hail Kai and Sanam, Love Island's ultimate unbothered couple

Every year on Love Island, there's a couple the public collectively agree is the one. We ship them hard, vote them as most 'compatible' and back them all the way to the final. Often, it's a couple who have gone on quite a journey to get there. Last year it was the season's winners Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti. They had plenty of passion fuelled arguments, memeable moments and the occasional test, before completely winning our hearts. But this year's favourite couple has had no strife, head turning or tests, they simply just like each other. It is of course everyone's favourite beloved duo - Kai and Sanam.

love island's kai and sanam are hands down the best couple

A few weeks ago 24-year-old teacher Kai wasn't exactly everyone's favourite person. He had been linked to multiple women in the villa going from Tanyel, to Samie, and onto Olivia. But then Casa Amor happened and 24-year-old social worker Sanam entered the villa.

The pair quickly formed a tight bond and Kai chose to recouple with Sanam, the only one of the boys to couple up with someone new, during the Casa Amor recoupling. Since then their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

They had a really cute date kayaking, headed to the hideaway, and even made things exclusive during the beach club party. They are constantly complimenting each other, sharing jokes and knowing side-eyes, and just in each other's corner at all times. It's super cute to watch, and as viewers, we can't get enough.

There's lots of likeable qualities about the other couples too, of course. Will and Jessie are super silly together and you can tell Tanya and Shaq have a lot of love for each other. But at the end of the day Kai and Sanam are what Love Island should be about. They're a couple who have genuinely fallen head over heels for each other, without rushing things. They've proven that when you like really someone, all the other drama just doesn't matter.

And let's talk about their lack of drama. It's one of the main reasons viewers love the pair so much. In their own relationship they've been open, communicative and vulnerable with each other. Their only slight problem (if you can even call it that) was when Sanam did her "crying on demand" during the talent show. The next day Kai worried it could be a "warning sign" which Sanam expertly shut down and the pair moved on from it.

When it comes to other Islanders' drama the pair have stayed well clear of it all. Even when Olivia and Kai weren't getting on after Casa Amor, Sanam stayed out of it and let Kai handle it, while remaining cordial with Olivia. When Ron had his beef with Samie, and the rest of the villa all had something to say, where were Kai and Sanam? Chilling and staying out if it. Or when the Casey and Jessie drama was happening? Kai and Sanam remained unbothered.

By staying out of other people's drama they've proven they're in Love Island for one reason only, to genuinely fall in love. They may not have been together as long as the other couples, but that doesn't mean their relationship is any less real.

Even if Kai and Sanam aren't crowned the Love Island winners, they can have the comfort of knowing the public backed them all the way. And let's face it, they're so drama free, they probably won't care about winning anyway.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm

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