‘I had to do a double take’: Beyoncé’s family Halloween photo confuses fans

‘I had to do a double take’: Beyoncé’s family Halloween photo confuses fans

Beyoncé finally shared a photo of her family’s Halloween costumes, but one visual detail has confounded fans.

On Thursday (3 November), the “Break My Soul” singer shared a photo on Instagram of herself alongside husband Jay-Z and their three children, Blue Ivy, 10, and five-year-old twins Sir and Rumi, all dressed as Disney’s titular unit from the early 2000s animated sitcom, The Proud Family.

“Family every single day and night,” Beyoncé wrote in the caption.

The photo shows Jay-Z as father Oscar Proud, Blue Ivy as older daughter Penny Proud, Sir and Rumi as twins BeBe and CeCe Proud, and Beyoncé on either end as mom Trudy Proud and grandma Suga Mama.

At first glance, the photo doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. However, if you look closely, you can make out an out-of-place shadow behind the right shoulder of Beyoncé’s Trudy, which indicates the photo has been edited.

While the edit is near flawless, some keen-eyed fans noticed Beyoncé’s double appearance, noting their confusion in the comments.

“It’s two Beyoncés?” asked one, with a second commenting: “I guess she dressed up twice I noticed that too.”

“Oh thank goodness because I thought I was going crazy or losing my vision,” responded a third. “Thank you for this comment, Lord because I was worried for a moment.”

“Wait... you Suga Mama AND Trudy?? Lol I’m crying,” someone added.

Numerous others quipped about the tardiness of the photo, with comedian B Simone saying: “Beyoncé said I’ll post when I want. Yes Queen it’s your world.”

“Only Beyoncé can post three days after Halloween,” echoed another.

One responded: “Mama said Halloween is November 3.”