This Hacks Proves That We’ve Been Sealing Crisp Packets Wrong This Whole Time

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: @clean_queen_mum

From Delish

Personally, I have never opened a packet of crisps and not finished it. Grab bag? Yup, finished the lot. Family pack? Completed it, mate. Industrial-sized bag of tortilla chips sold to Mexican restaurants? Every last crumb.

But, apparently, not everyone is as much of a gannet as me, and once they’ve had a reasonable portion of crisps, they like to seal the bag for another time.

So, what’s the best way of sealing crisp packets so they don’t go stale? My mum’s a fan of pegs, but what if all of yours are being used for, ya know, hanging your washing?

Well, luckily, this smart hack shows us exactly how we should be sealing our crisp bags, and it’s so easy.

This video, which was uploaded on Instagram, shows the owner of the half-eaten bag of Sensations mango and red chilli chutney poppadoms (smashing snack choice, btw) using a few very clever folds – and nothing else – to fully seal the bag. She even flips the bag upside down at the end to prove that no crisps or even crumbs can escape.

We could try to describe how to do it in words, but we think it’s probably easier for you to just watch the video instead…

As well as this game-changing hack, we also recently discovered a great trick for sealing your cereal boxes.

Now this hack is a little more useful for me as, unlike the giant bags of crisps, I’ve never actually managed to eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting…


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