This Hack Makes Grapes Taste Like Sour Patch Kids And People Are Obsessed

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Mia Wilson/Sour Patch Kids

From Delish

There’s a good chance that, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been snacking yourself into oblivion over the past few months. Your kitchen fridge is just so much closer to you when you’re at home all day, every day, right?

Unfortunately, I’ve not been craving healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables. It really has been a very crisps/chocolate/cake/sweets-heavy few months. And while I’ve enjoyed every minute (my jeans haven’t, but that’s not important right now), I’m aware that maybe switching to some healthy snacks wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world right now.

So, this grape hack has come just at the right time. Thank you TikTok.

According to Mia Wilson, this hack makes grapes taste just like Sour Patch Kids.

I mean, how is that even possible. How can a fruit – albeit a very nice fruit – end up tasting like one of the greatest sweets of all time?

Here’s how…

In her TikTok, Mia explains that cutting grapes lengthways, squeezing a little lime juice on them, and freezing them does indeed make them taste just like Sour Patch Kids.

Game. Changer.

Mia says, “Just cut up grapes lengthwise and squeeze some lime juice over them. You can add as much or as little as you want. I use green grapes since they're more sour than red grapes.”

Mia told Insider that she had first tested out the hack after seeing it on Reddit “a while ago”.

She added, “I tried it and loved it. I was addicted to candy and Sour Patch were my favourite. I love that these are a healthier alternative with a pretty similar taste.

“On a whim I decided to make a quick TikTok video to share the hack,” she added. “I never thought it would get that popular!”

My jeans are going to be very grateful for this healthy food swap…

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