This Hack Apparently Stops Pineapple From Burning Your Tongue

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This Hack Apparently Stops Pineapple From Burning Your Tongue

Ever get that weird tingling sensation in the back of your throat when you eat pineapple? Or a sudden urge to itch your tongue? Well, there's apparently a way to avoid that bizarre feeling and it's surprisingly easy...

Thanks to Instagram account @metemgee, it turns out to dodge an itchy tongue and burning throat, she smothers her pineapple in salt salt. A-huh, that's right. You simply need to rub your freshly skinned pineapple with salt... apparently.

How does this work, you're wondering? The reason your tongue becomes irritated when eating the tropical fruit is because of a pesky enzyme called bromelain. What this enzyme does is essentially digest the protein on your tongue as you eat, causing that tingling sensation you get in your mouth.

By rubbing over salt, this triggers the enzymes. So, by the time the pineapple reaches your mouth, the effects of the bromelain have vanished. Leaving you to eat as many pineapple chunks as you like! But be sure to wash the salt off first!

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Now, there's no official scientific data to back this up, but many chefs along with a bunch of clever foodie, internet sleuths swear by this method.

Althea's video on Instagram got lots of people talking in the comments, with one person saying "Wow... this is really a handy info," and another commenting "Learnt something new!"

Right, we're off to get ourselves some pineapple (and salt).

In other non-pineapple related news, have you seen the latest trend for egg pockets?

They're quite literally pockets of egg, and they're perfect for stuffing with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and... more egg, for making the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

We first spotted them online via @caughtsnackin on Tiktok, and then discovered other how-to videos from a range of TikTokers, including @reducedfatmeal who posted a video which now has over 64 million views and 5 millions likes!

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