This Gym-Free, No-Weights Workout Builds Big Shoulders and a Solid Core While Burning Fat

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Photo credit: svetikd - Getty Images
Photo credit: svetikd - Getty Images

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Working in a ladder format, you and your partner are going to switch back and forth between a muscle and stability building handstand hold, and everyone’s gym-free favourite, the burpee, increasing the rep count on each as you go. In this case, partner ‘A’ will kick up into their hold, at which point partner ‘B’ will perform one burpee. Both partners will then switch positions, with partner ‘A’ now performing 2 burpees. Alternate back and forth in this fashion, attempting to climb as high up the ladder as possible.

As soon as one partner can’t maintain good form in the hold, for the duration of the prescribed reps, the workout is over.

“This isn’t a competition, it’s a collaborative effort, says Men’s Health Fitness Editor Andrew Tracey. "Get your burpees squared away quickly to save your partner’s shoulders!”

Use the time in the transitions between rounds wisely this your opportunity to drop your arms, shake off the lactic and get some oxygen in, ready for your next round. Don’t dilly dally, but definitely don’t rush, it’s not a race, remember.

1. Burpees x 1,2,3,4,5…etc.

Squat down and place your hands onto the floor in front of your feet. Jump both of your feet behind you and perform a press-up, making sure that your chest drops all the way to the floor (A). Now, hop your legs forward and jump up (B), landing softly with your knees slightly bent. Repeat.

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2. Handstand hold

Place your hands on the floor around 6 inches away from a wall. With fingers spread, kick your legs up and over your hips, making contact with the wall. Straighten out your legs, pointing your toes towards the ceiling and actively ‘push the ground away’, to engage your shoulder.

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