Gwyneth Paltrow shares $900 daily skincare regime

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Gwyneth Paltrow has shared details of her $900 daily skincare regime.

The Oscar-winning actress detailed her routine in a new video for, and said she invests in "clean, nontoxic products" that work wonders on her skin.

“I believe that beauty and wellness are inextricably linked,” she said, as the self-confessed exfoliating obsessive started her day with a spot of dry body brushing.

She then rubs Goopglow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator over cheeks, following with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, before applying an eye mask and using Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Sculpting Bar on her face, which is made from 24-karat gold and vibrates.

“I was not a person who ever had a skin-care routine as a teenager. My daughter does, but I was very much a tomboy, so this whole skin-care thing has come to me later in life,” Gwyneth explained.

She then uses cult favourite Weleda Skin Food, Goopglow Glow Lotion, Unsun Mineral Tinted Sunscreen before finishing off with Goopgenes Clean Nourishing Lip Balm.

However, she's minimal when it comes to cosmetics – only using Westman Atelier concealer, Olio E Osso lip and cheek tinted balm, and Kosas mascara – and Gwyneth confessed her 16-year-old daughter Apple Martin is more of a make-up pro than she is.

“My daughter is very into the beauty world. I mean, she knows how to contour – that girl is just on fire with her routine. I don’t know where she got it from, but she definitely did not get it from me; I can barely put on concealer as you just saw," she quipped.