Gwyneth Paltrow promotes Chanel purses and meditation chair in Goop gift guide

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Gwyneth Paltrow has promoted Chanel handbags and a meditation chair in her annual Goop holiday gift guide.

Each year, the actress/entrepreneur and editors at her lifestyle website include a roundup of "ridiculous and awesome" products in their festive newsletter.

Among the luxury items listed in the 2022 version is a burgundy leather Chanel purse priced at $8,150 (£6,850) and a blue leather Chanel handbag costing $8,950 (£7,530).

For those keen to splash some cash this festive season, Gwyneth and her team also suggest checking out a Rolex watch priced at $29,495 (£24,800), a Gucci pet collar costing $345 (£290), or the Resonate Meditation Chair, which starts at $3,399 (£2,859).

"Vibrational technology stimulates your vagus nerve to soothe your nervous system and bring you to more relaxed states of mind and body," a description of the chair reads.

Elsewhere, Gwyneth recommends neon toilet paper, a Rowan Hair Color Kit for Dogs, custom-designed wrapping paper, a Louis Vuitton skimboard, and an upcycled dog bed frame from Avocado.

And for those planning on travel in 2023, the star advises an "epic" trip to three of the Robertson Lodges in New Zealand priced at $286,595 (£241,000) or a Roar Africa safari adventure costing $135,000 (£113,000) per person.