Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian announce Goop X Poosh collaboration

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Kourtney Kardashian (L) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brands are launching a collaboration (Getty)
Kourtney Kardashian (L) and Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brands are launching a collaboration (Getty)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian have announced a collaboration between their wellness brands, Goop and Poosh respectively.

Both founders took to their Instagram accounts to post a photograph of themselves and confirm the new alliance, which will launch at 5pm on Wednesday 1 June.

The official Instagram account for Goop wrote in its caption: “Goop X Poosh collab coming soon… Drop your predictions below.”

Under the same photograph posted by Poosh, the caption read: “Poosh X Goop – the collab we’ve all been waiting for. Be prepared to meet your match tomorrow at 9pm PT (5pm BST).”

The Poosh account also added a hashtag: “#pooshyourboundaries.”

Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, commented on the post with clapping emojis to express her excitement and wrote: “Wooooohoooooo [sic].”

It comes after Paltrow, 49, dismissed speculation that Kardashian’s business was a direct copy of her own.

Both brands focus on women’s health and wellness, and include editorial content as well as a platform that curates and sells related products. Goop was established by Paltrow in 2008, while Kardashian launched Poosh in April 2019.

In an Instagram Q&A, Paltrow received the question: “Are you upset that Poosh copied you?”

She wrote in response: “This idea that women need to be in competition is legacy patriarchy bulls***, there is room for EVERY woman to fulfil her dreams.

“I used to fall prey to this kind of thinking years ago, so I understand where it comes from. Now I get so happy when I see new wellness businesses.”

The Iron Man star added: “There is a place for all of us, plus Kourtney Kardashian is a really good person and also #kravisforever.”

“Kravis” refers to a joint name for Kourtney and her new husband, Travis Barker, who she married just last month in a lavish ceremony in Italy.

Fans of the famous family’s new reality show The Kardashians may have already heard a hint in the teaser for the eighth episode of the new series that a collaboration between Goop and Poosh may be imminent.

In the teaser, Paltrow sat down with Kardashian to discuss a partnership, describing it as a “cool opportunity for two females to come together”.

Kardashian adds: “Gwyneth has this idea to do a collab candle called ‘Smells Like My Pooshie’.”

In 2020, Paltrow announced the launch of two new US$75 (£60.19) Goop candle scents called ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ and ‘This Smells Like My Orgasm’.

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