This Guy Worked Out Like Top Trainer Jeff Cavaliere for 30 Days

Philip Ellis
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Photo credit: Brandon William - YouTube
Photo credit: Brandon William - YouTube

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After making a number of videos in which he tried out various bodyweight exercise routines, YouTuber Brandon William wanted to build additional strength and muscle, and so decided to explore the benefits of weightlifting. Being something of a novice in this area, he turned to the online guidance of the highly respected trainer and founder of Athlean-X, Jeff Cavaliere C.S.C.S.

At the start of the challenge, Brandon maxed out at 84kg on the bench press and squat, and 79kgon the deadlift, and set himself the goal of improving those numbers over the next month by following a series of workout programmes that Cavaliere had demonstrated on the Athlean-X YouTube channel.

"In week two of the challenge, I was starting to feel stronger on my lifts, and I wasn't getting as sore as I was during week one," he said. At this point, he began to incorporate some more cardio into his training routine, and visited a chiropractor to ensure that his new weights training wasn't placing undue pressure on his body.

During the final week of the challenge, Brandon pushed himself harder and went heavier in his training, determined to achieve as good a PR as possible.

On Day 30, Brandon had gained around a pound of muscle, and had a slight increase in visible definition. But the proof is in the pulling: his new one-rep squat max was 98kg, his deadlift max was 107kg, and his deadlift max was 91kg.

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