Gull Gets Stuck In Car Grille

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A gull was left in a flap after being hit by a car and getting stuck behind the grille.

RSPCA rescuer Tina Nash was called to the car park of a hospital in Kent, UK, after a passerby spotted the stricken bird wedged behind the grille of a parked car.

"When I arrived all I could see were the white wing feathers of the gull poking through the grille," she said. "The bird was completely wedged up behind the grille and there's no way he'd have been able to get out himself.

"I expect he'd been hit by the car and the impact pushed him behind the grille but the driver was completely unaware, parked up in the car park and went off without any knowledge he was there.

"He's incredibly lucky that this eagle-eyed passerby spotted his plight and called us for help." Tina - who was called to Ashford's William Harvey Hospital on 29 June - managed to maneuver the bird into a slightly more comfortable position but couldn't see a way to free him from the red Mazda 6.

"The car grille was sealed above and below so we couldn't pull him free. Thankfully, we were able to open the grill slightly and carefully squeeze him through the gaps between the plastic."

Explaining the awkwardness of the rescue, Tina added: "He wasn't at all happy about us trying to save him and put up quite the fight!"

Tina then transported him to the charity's Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre, in East Sussex, where he's been recuperating.

"Miraculously the gull didn't have any serious wounds or injuries and was a little battered, bruised and embarrassed by his ordeal but is now on the mend," she said. "Once he's fully recovered, we'll be able to release him back into the wild. And hopefully, he'll be a little more careful on the roads in the future!"

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