Gugu Mbatha-Raw: What you don't know about me

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

"What makes me happiest?" Gugu Mbatha-Raw muses on the set of our exclusive video shoot. "Oh, just waking up on a gorgeous day and being able to work with exciting and fun people. Being able to go to work is one of the joys of life - especially post-pandemic and post-lockdown. I really, really appreciate being around talented and creative people. That energises me and makes me happy."

Work for the the British actress has so far thrown up a wonderful variety of projects throughout a successful career - from starring opposite Jude Law in Hamlet on Broadway, to starring as the lead in historical drama Belle, or disrupting the world of beauty pageants with Misbehaviour. With jobs as exciting as these, it's little wonder that her work brings her such joy.

Photo credit: Richard Phibbs
Photo credit: Richard Phibbs

Her latest projects have seen her swap the silver screen for small, with roles in Apple TV's hit The Morning Show, alongside industry heavyweights Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, as well as HBO and BBC psychological thriller, The Girl Before. For her next challenge, she enters the world of Disney, appearing alongside her old RADA classmate Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel Studios original series Loki. In it she plays the morally ambiguous and authoritative Ravonna Renslayer - another totally different character from the kind she's played before. So how does she choose which roles to go for?

"The best piece of career advice I've ever been given is probably to follow your instincts," she tells us. "That's something we talked a lot about at drama school, and I think it's a great piece of life advice, not just career. There are many moments in life when you have to make decisions and I think your gut always knows the way. So follow it."

Loki is available to stream on Disney+ now.


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