Gugu Mbatha-Raw admires Kevin Hart's 'master' nap skills

Gugu Mbatha-Raw struggles to nap credit:Bang Showbiz
Gugu Mbatha-Raw struggles to nap credit:Bang Showbiz

Gugu Mbatha-Raw wishes she was better at taking naps.

The 39-year-old actress admires her ‘Lift’ co-star Kevin Hart because he is a “master” at falling asleep during breaks in shooting because she “very rarely” finds herself able to fully rest during the day, even when she’s feeling exhausted.

She told Total Film magazine: “I wish I could [sleep on set]. I feel like it’s such a skill.

“I just worked with Kevin Hart who’s a master power-napper, and is able to go back to a trailer and just zonk out for like 20 minutes.

“I sometimes try and put my legs up the wall and do a yoga restful pose. And I try to at least lie down.

“But I very rarely get to a deep sleep. I might get to just nodding off and someone’s knocking on the door.”

To mark the end of filming, Gugu presented Kevin with a very personal gift.

She explained: “I painted a portrait of Kevin Hart as a wrap gift.

“I’ve been painting a lot more since the pandemic and have done a lot of portraits.

“Because our film is actually about an art heist, and it’s al about art, that was a fun gift because he developed an interest in art during the shoot.”

The former ‘Morning Show’ actress is disappointed that none of her projects have had wrap parties in recent years.

She said: “It seems like they’ve been outlawed since the pandemic. It’s so boring.

“I haven’t been to one for ages.

“I had a really fun time at the wrap party for ‘The Morning Show’ a couple of years ago.

“Because my character had quite a sad and intense journey, I was just really happy to see everyone again.

“That’s probably the last wrap party I went to, pre-pandemic. It was so nice to see everyone and all my castmates and just be in a joyful spirit.”