'Grossly overdeveloped': Residents hit out at plans for more than 100 new homes

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Brooklane22 Page 001

Residents have raised fears over another housing application in the ‘Warsash Cluster’ which could bring another 126 homes to the area.

Bargate Homes and Vivid Housing have applied for full planning permission to build 126 homes on land east of Brook Lane.

The development neighbours an existing housing development to the west with forthcoming estates being built to the south and north of the proposed site.

Planning documents state the proposal would bring a ‘much needed’ and ‘high quality’ development to the area.

The provision of mixed dwelling sizes, types and tenures was said to ‘respond to a wide range of local housing needs’.

There will also be a ‘high-quality open space for play and recreation which incorporates the existing landscape and ecological features on-site and creates attractive spaces which will enhance the quality of life of future residents.

According to documents lodged with the local authority, there will be 'suitable relationships with neighbouring dwellings to ensure that the proposed development is not detrimental to their amenity.’

The application has attracted criticism from local residents including Kay Soudan of Shore Road who believes that "Warsash is losing all green spaces and being grossly overdeveloped".

She added: "Many new estates have very narrow roads and houses with limited frontage.

"Cars park randomly in the road, restricting access for bin collections, fire engines, emergency and delivery vehicles.

"Drainage in this area has persistent problems, overflowing road drains, sewerage pipes blocking and failing capabilities of existing outlets. Lack of amenities, doctor and dentist surgeries are unable to cope with the present additional numbers."

Collette Newton of Thornton Avenue said: "My husband and I moved to Warsash a year ago and were told we were no longer within the catchment for our old doctors’ surgery, the Central Practice in Fareham.

"We had to find one locally within 30 days. I rang and emailed every surgery but nowhere had spaces for us. In the end, I had to join a practice in Titchfield, about 3 miles away. Unless the developers are providing a new surgery to accommodate all the new residents, I strongly disagree with the new development."