Groom sparks debate after spraying bride with champagne during wedding

Groom sparks viral debate after he sprayed bride with champagne during wedding (ericriveracooks / X )
Groom sparks viral debate after he sprayed bride with champagne during wedding (ericriveracooks / X )

A groom has sparked a viral debate after he sprayed his bride with champagne on their wedding day.

Last week, Cole Hennessey and his now-wife, Kristal Kim, officially tied the knot in Lake Como, Italy. In a since-deleted TikTok video from the nuptials, which has since been re-shared on X, the couple could be seen doing a toast to celebrate, with Hennessey opening up a bottle of champagne.

While guests in the background cheered for the pair, with one telling them to “look out for the cake”, the groom proceeded to shake the bottle and spray the champagne in the air. Kim went on to celebrate with her partner, before he directed champagne towards her and sprayed her with it. In response, Kim continued laughing and turned around, after the champagne got on her face and white gown.

However, some guests in the background weren’t as amused, with a few shouting “No! No!” when Hennessey directed the champagne bottle toward Kim. Another person in the background said: “Not on her!” referring to the bride.

Hennessey then took a sip of the bottle, while his partner smiled and raised her arms. He then poured some of the champagne into her mouth, before the other guests encouraged her to spray Hennessey, with one even saying: “Get him back!”

In response, the groom opened his arms, in preparation to be sprayed, while Kim shook the bottle and aimed it towards him. However, only a little bit of the fizzy champagne came out.

On X, the video of the couple’s wedding has more than 38.2 million views, and it has sparked a viral debate. Multiple people have criticized Hennessey for spraying the champagne on his partner, especially considering the time she likely spent getting ready for her wedding.

“Anyone who has had dried champagne on them knows it isn’t a great scent or feel, even if it’s Dom,” one claimed. “He ruined the rest of her night unless she had a backup dress.”

 (@ericriveracooks / X)
(@ericriveracooks / X)

“I know couples have their own way of being cute and funny with each other BUT, spraying champagne on your bride in her wedding gown? In her face? NO. This reminds me of the man who smashed the cake in his wife’s face,” another wrote, referring to the common prank at weddings.

“Abso-f-ing-lutely not.  I would so call it a day at that point. To have to spend the rest of the reception with sticky hair and skin, ruined makeup, and a damp dress. NO,” a third wrote.

However, others defended the groom from criticism, explaining that his wife looked like she was having fun and laughed when he sprayed the champagne on her.

“Imma have to disagree with the masses on this one. She looks happy! Just because YOU feel a certain way about preserving your wedding makeup and stuff..” one wrote. “Doesn’t mean she does. I think it’s cute when a couple CLEARLY also has a friendship foundation; not only the romance.”

“Actually love this so much. They both seem to be having a blast. Only people saying ‘noooo’ are in the audience,” another wrote. “He clearly wasn’t being malicious and screw social norms. Love how you want. Be excited! And a wedding is for both people getting married, not just ‘wife.’”

A third agreed: “He looks so fun and genuinely happy to be married, and she looks like a great sport about the mess! [Win] couple.”

Hennessey later addressed the viral backlash in a since-expired Instagram Story of him and his wife, shared on May 23. “Day one of honeymoon: I’m getting canceled on the internet for having fun [with] my wife,” he wrote in the caption of the photo, which has been re-shared on X.

He once again quipped about his wedding on his Instagram Story on May 24, posting a picture of Kim posing with a bottle of champagne while on the Amalfi Coast. “Honeymoon Day Two: more champagne.”

The Independent has contacted Hennessey for comment.