Is grey lipstick the next big trend? Gigi Hadid says so…

We love it when thinks that shouldn't work... just do. Which is exactly how we feel about Gigi Hadid's grey lipstick. Yes you read that right, grey lipstick.

While we're all familiar with a gothic black lip, a moody purple, or a grungy cool brown, a grey lip is a far rarer breed, and understandably so. The instinct is that such a tone would wash you out, drain the colour from your face and make you look, well, grey.

But Gigi's misty grey has defied all of the above, delivering an ethereal beauty we're coveting hard.

The brush behind the look, makeup artist Patrick Ta, revealed the model herself requested the unique lip colour, sharing the finished face to Instagram and telling fans and followers in the caption; "She Said I Want A Grey Lip 🤍"

Rather than drain away the colour from Gigi's complexion, Patrick's steel blue hue honours the soft peach and golden tones. The only place it brings out the grey, is in Gigi's mesmerising green-blue eyes; an effect accentuated with hazy grey winged liner brought down along the lower lash line.

gigi hadid grey lipstick
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Landing on the perfect tone to make a grey lip so flattering is colour mastery we should expect from Patrick, who recently used this bold pop of orange to give Gigi's light eyes a gorgeous punchy turquoise effect.

If Gigi's picked up on a grey lip, we suspect it's bubbling up as a trend just waiting to takeover our feeds. Especially when she's proven just how good it can look.

And our lesson learnt? No colour deserves to be ruled out of our lip arsenal.

*Except yellow. Sorry we're not backing down on yellow.

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