Greg James And Nick Grimshaw Have Been Playing Hide And Seek For Nearly A Whole Day

Rachel McGrath
Radio 1's Greg James is no stranger to taking on difficult challenges but this

Radio 1’s Greg James is no stranger to taking on difficult challenges but this time around, he and Nick Grimshaw have set their listeners a pretty big task.

On Tuesday afternoon, the two DJs revealed their producers have finally let them go ahead with an idea pitched a long time ago: A gigantic game of hide and seek.

Announcing the plan - which had been top secret until it was revealed on air - they explained what was going to happen during Scott Mills and Chris Stark’s show, telling the pair that they were in a secret location and would not be coming out until a listener found them.

Here they are detailing the plan:

Now. How hard could it be? Two famous faces in some sort of radio studio. Surely it wouldn’t take long for someone to track them down?

People started getting clues and possible sightings together on Twitter:

And obviously cracked a few jokes too: 

So when were they found, you ask? The time of writing is 10:50AM on Wednesday and they’re still out there.

They didn’t rough it too much though, spending the night sleeping in a secret location before hitting the road again.

Grimmy also posted a (pretty useless) clue on Instagram.

“Grimmy here it is day two of hide and seek, it is just gone six am, we’ve just woke up and this is what the sky looks like where we are,” he told his followers.

Thankfully, a number of viewers think they’ve spotted more clues: 

Later this year, the two stars will swap radio shows, with Greg taking over Grimmy’s breakfast show and Nick taking the drivetime slot.

The change will come into effect in September.