Greg the Egg's Power Play: Why Fans Think 'Succession' Series 3 Will Be the Logan Family Outsider's Season

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

SUCCESSION KLAXON: we have intel on season three. We repeat: we have intel on season three. It’s remarkably scant intel, but new information has confirmed that the newest series will be airing in autumn of this year. It’ll take more than a global pandemic to bring down the obnoxious meat puppets of the Roy dynasty, after all.

While series two left us with a cliffhanger that we’re still processing now - “blood sacrifice” Kendall throwing his dad Logan spectacularly under the bus in a press conference - it’s also given us plenty of time (two years, not that anyone’s counting) to speculate on what wheelings and dealings may occur in the new series. The internet, as usual, has a lot of thoughts. But the most prevailing theory is that this is to be the year of Greg.

Greg - played by the inimitable Nicholas Braun - has slowly reached dizzying new heights after starting off the series being fired for vomming in his cuddly mascot outfit at a theme park. Over 19 episodes, he’s managed to ingratiate himself with the Roy family (of whom he is a distant cousin), get himself hired and somehow align himself with the real key players in the company. Gangly, awkward Greg The Egg has graduated to the big hitters league and the manchild who once snaffled office snacks in a dog poo bag (“It's really more of a mental barrier”) now has a favourite champagne. But has he simply been failing upwards, or, as we’re more inclined to believe now, has he had a canny masterplan all along?

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Over on the Reddit Succession page, he’s a hot topic. One poster reckons they’ve got it all figured out: “Greg will be COO, then CEO, colder than Logan”. They explain: “The first moment I saw Greg’s character I thought "this is the guy the writers are going to elevate to the highest echelon". Now I think Kendall will be CEO opening S03; and keep Greg close as they reorganize, fight the board and Sandy, and climb out of debt. In the final moment Kendall ODs on the throne, and it’s all Greg.

“He tells his grandpa to fuck off and buys him out for the hundred mil he was previously holding over his head (or chisels him out for pennies on the dollar). As the last episode winds down we see Greg facing his first few decisions about broadcast news. We think he’s going to take all he’s learned about corruption and abuse of power and turn the channels around. Bring integrity. But he doesn’t. He turns up the heat, pitting liberal and conservative outlets against each other full-time, while owning both, because he needs the revenue, and we’re addicted to polarisation and outrage.” Spicy.

Another poster summed up: “I have no doubt in my mind that this show is truly about the ascension and corruption of Gregory Hirsch”. Don’t forget, Greg - sorry, Gregory, as he has now requested to be known as - had his own little polite blackmail racket going on when he kept some incriminating emails and documents about the shady goings on in the parks and cruise departments and used them to leverage himself up the greasy Roy pole. Those documents are now in the hands of Kendall, who used them to launch his blistering attack on his pa, calling him “a malignant presence, a bully and a liar”. BAM! Back of the net, Greg. So where does he leapfrog up to next?

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Other commenters believe that Greg has always been the secret successor since he was born, as Logan likes the fact that like him, he’s the only child who hasn’t had an upbringing “corrupted by wealth”. In a weird, Willy Wonka kind of twist, it’s suggested that Logan and his rival brother Ewan have been testing Greg on his loyalties (offering him a share of $250 million inheritance to quit his Waystar Royco job) to then present him with the company, if he passes the test. Others think it’s simpler than that - Ewan carks it, “leaving his controlling share of Waystar Royco to Greg. Gregory becomes a legit player in dealing with Logan”. Interesting…

Or could Greg be taking down the company from the inside out, and following Ewan’s wishes? It could be why he told Kendall in the private jet to the doomed press conference - and his last line in the series - “For what it’s worth, I think what your dad’s doing is...I’m sorry”. Greg could end up being the only moral human being in the whole nefarious Roy world.

Braun added to speculation earlier this summer when he posted this pic of a besuited Greg in front of a huge Waystar Royco logo and captioned it: “I am an employee of this company, and that’s about all I can say about that!”

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As for the rest of the theories on where series three could take the would-be power player with a rumblin’ tum, as Greg himself once said on the witness stand: “If it is to be said. So it be. So it is.” Then let it be so.

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