The Great Pottery Throwdown's Siobhán McSweeney shares surprising secret about the show

the great pottery throwdown new series, with host siobhan mcsweeney and judges keith brymer jones and rich miller
Siobhán McSweeney shares Pottery Throwdown secretChannel 4

Fans of the Great Pottery Throwdown have recently welcomed the return of the hit Channel 4 show, with viewers praising the "warm and lovely" first episode when it arrived back on screens earlier in January.

Each week, expert judges Rich Miller and Keith Brymer Jones judge the contestants’ impressive efforts through three different challenges, but host Siobhán McSweeney has revealed that it's not just the home potters that get the opportunity to try the craft sessions.

In an interview with The Guardian, McSweeney shared how she is often tempted to join in the pottery challenges while watching the contestants. To avoid this, the Throwdown team have set up a behind-the-scenes crafting table, which the host has likened to "pottery day care" complete with paints, clay and even a protective towel in place of overalls.

"I kept annoying people by wandering into shots and trying to have a go," McSweeney explained. "To distract me, they set up a table where I could try out whatever the potters are doing. There’s a corner backstage which we call pottery day care, with clay and paints. I have to wear a towel over me. It’s like the infants’ table at nursery but I love it."

When asked about the appeal of the show, which is now in its sixth series, McSweeney credited the brilliant potters. "I think viewers are sick of high stakes, shouting and silliness," she said. "We want to see nice people make nice things. The potters are proper enthusiasts, pursuing their passion, trying out stuff and learning."

Fans of vintage-inspired crafting won't want to miss episode three on Sunday 22 January – it's retro week!

The Great Pottery Throwdown is on Channel 4 every Sunday, with each episode also released each week on All4.

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