The Great British Bake Off Episode One: Star Baker Controversy, #Jaffagate And A Whole Lot Of Drizzle


[Photo: BBC]

The big tent’s been erected and twelve hopefuls have made it through the flaps to kick off series seven of ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

But, just one episode in, and we’ve already got some drama to relay. Anyone who watches the show will know that each episode, a contestant is awarded the lauded ‘star baker’ accolade - but not everyone was happy with this week’s winner.

Jane was the lucky lady last night, thanks to her show-stopping mirror glazed cake, but viewers felt Selasi should’ve taken the title.

Throughout the first episode, Selasi kept his cool and showed off his baking skills that included winning the technical challenge, where the contestants had to make twelve identical jaffa cakes. No small feat.

Yet, despite his clear cake making prowess, the city worker wasn’t named star baker.

“Selasi was robbed. Definitely this weeks star baker in #GBBO,” wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote, “Ohhh wtf #gbbo Selasi by far should have been star baker!”

In other news, Paul caused a stir when he was filmed happily dunking his jaffa cake into his cuppa while having a chat with Mary. Predictably, Twitter went wild as viewers debated the particulars of a jaffa cake and whether it should or shouldn’t be dunked. After all, is it a cake or a biscuit?

The contestants also went back to basics with a drizzle cake. All contestants bar three attempted to keep the judges sweet by sticking to drizzle’s traditional citrus roots, while retired head teacher Val “listened” to her cakes so they could let her know when they were ready. Oooookay then.

Tom’s gin heavy mix didn’t go down too well, “I can’t feel my face anymore,” slurs Sue. While Mary branded Val’s cake as “messy” and was dead impressed with Selasi’s cinnamon freestyle.


The 12 hopefuls [Photo: BBC]


Jane Beedle, who won this week’s star baker title [Photo: BBC]

But it was the show stopper bake that we were all holding out for and the 12 amateur bakers were instructed to make a mirror glaze cake each.

Simplicity was the overriding advice from the judges with this challenge but Candice was having none of it. Her creation was called (deep breath) ‘Mirror mirror on the wall who is the shiniest cake of them all’. The cake sat on a mirror with two chocolate spheres on top and looked more like a Disneyland attraction than a dessert.

Shout out to Benjamina who shes the first tears of the series whilst repeating every step twice. Special mention to Louise who did without the mirror glaze part of the mirror glaze cake.

“Sometimes simplicity is the way forward but that’s taking it a bit too far,” said Paul as he sizes up Lee’s basic Betty Crocker job. And it’s with that the minister was sent packing.

Bring on week two.


Godspeed dear Lee! [Photo: BBC]

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