Grazia’s big work survey: we want to hear from YOU

Grazia’s big work survey: we want to hear from YOU

Are you worried about being made redundant? Do you expect to get a job you love? Do you wish your partner earned more?

We’d love to hear your thoughts… so why not take part in Grazia’s shiny new work survey.

We always want to know what’s going on in your lives, and thanks to the recession – not to mention endless headlines about rising unemployment (scary stuff, huh?!) – for many, work just hasn’t been, well, as much fun recently.

So whether you’re concerned about how job stress is affecting your sex life or how your Facebook posts could be affecting your promotion chances, we want to know.

It’s totally anonymous and will only take a few minutes to fill in (we promise!). So why not grab a latte and go to Grazia’s work survey.

Sorry boys – it’s for women only. But if you’re reading this, why not forward on to your wife or girlfriend.

The results will be published soon, so keep reading Grazia to find out just how we’re all feeling about work. We’re expecting a few surprises!

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