As Grazia Prepares For Cycletta, We Bring You Our Top Five Bikes

18 April 2012

Heads up: Grazia is partnering with Cycletta, the UK’s most brilliant series of women-only bicycle rides, all set in stunning country venues. Last year's event was so super that we're doing it again. Ace British Olympic cyclist and all-round girl-crush of ours, Victoria Pendleton, is a supporter too! So in light of this, we’ve whipped you up to speed *chuckles* on the latest in cycling trends. Oh yes! A good pair of wheels is very important if you’re aiming to be a fashionable lady cyclist, but whether you choose a nifty racer, girly old-fashioned shopper, a practical hybrid or intimidatingly trendy fixed wheel number will depend on your cycling needs and your personal style. Here is our guide to the best of the bunch...

Single speed bike neon fixie
Single speed bike neon fixie

Cycle surgery £599

Wicked single speed bike – ooh, any hipster worth their East London postcode would give their eye teeth for a funka-rama neon fixie like this one!


Viking single speed Dutch bike with basket
Viking single speed Dutch bike with basket

This handsome ladies bike has touches of the Dutch style about it-but the question on everyone’s lips must surely be what to put in the basket? A lovely pink bunch of daffodils? A cute, whiskery-faced mini dog? Or a simple pile of library books and a French stick? Decisions decisions . . .


Pashley poppy bike in blush
Pashley poppy bike in blush

Pashley Poppy in Blush £433.99

The Pashley Poppy is an absolute classic – a cliché really, when it comes to girly cycling, but for a good reason. This particular style is a hybrid bike based on Pashley's classic Princess frame, it has 3 speed and is also available Pastel Blue! 

BMX bike
BMX bike

BMX by Wethepeople Versus

Yes BMX’s are for naughty boys doing tricks in the park, but increasingly, for adventure-girls too. We The People make some badboy bikes and accessories.


SPecialised Vita Elite bike
SPecialised Vita Elite bike

Specialised Vita Elite

This Specialized bike offers the speed of a road bike with the comfort and confidence that comes from a flat bar, for exercising, commuting, or hitting the open road  - good for a regular cyclist who hits it hard!

Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women-only bike rides and there are six events around the country in 2012 with the first one on the 13th May just north of London. To find out more and to enter visit

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