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'Feels like you're eating at a steak house': As seen on TV, these Nutriblade knives are just $20

What is it?

If you've had an episode of Top Chef interrupted by a commercial with someone squealing, "I thought you had to be a professional chef to cut like this!" Nutriblade 6-Piece Steak Knives might look familiar to you. Watching these mighty blades cut through wood and stone and then glide, razor-like, through a tomato is mesmerizing. But you don't have to have a tree to fell or feature concrete on your menu to appreciate them — Nutriblades slice beautifully, are easy to hold, easy to clean and they're just $20 for a half dozen at Amazon.

Stainless steel with a nonstick coating, these lightweight, durable knives let you slice through a hunk of meat with almost no effort. 

$19 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

If you're looking for steak knives from a top brand like Wüstoff, a set of six can set you back nearly $200. Even a more affordable set from Victorinox can run you nearly $60, but these Nutriblarade beauties deliver the sharpness and precision you need to slice into your filet mignon at a third of the price.

Why do I need this?

Like any good steak knives, these are sharp and durable out of the box. The blades are made with stainless steel and they're treated with a special nonstick coating that's infused with diamonds — that means that not only does food fall away from them easily, but they're also rust- and stain-proof. The handles have a nonslip grip to keep your hand steady and they're ergonomically designed for comfort no matter what you're cutting up.

Oh, and FYI: If you've ever ruined a fancy steak knife because you didn't feel like handwashing it, you'll be happy to know that these Granitstone slicers are dishwasher-safe

Chop, dice and slice like a pro! (Granitestone)
Chop, dice and slice like a pro! (Granitestone) (Granitestone)

What reviewers say

Shoppers can't get over the quality of this set.

"Wow!!" exclaimed a very excited reviewer. "These knives are the BEST EVER!! I have never had any better steak knives than these. Sturdy and so easy to grip! Very nice handles, we absolutely love them."

"[The] sharpness is unbelievable," wrote this shopper, who plans to share their discovery this holiday season. "I like everything about these knives. I will be buying a dozen and giving them for Christmas gifts."

"Had been looking for a while for a new set and holy cow, these things are incredibly well-made, big and strong," shared a five-star fan. "So nice they were hard to get used to. Feels like you're eating at a steak house. Good value."

"Steakhouses should sell their knives because they are awesome!!!" echoed a rave reviewer. "They are not as heavy as restaurant knives, but they cut through steak with ease!! Price and quality is well worth the fair price."

"Easy to use," shared another. "My hand wasn't sore after use like with other more expensive knives. My only regret is not buying these sooner. I could have saved a lot of money."

But one Nutriblade owner warned that you should be careful if you're used to old knives. "My wife said she is sick and tired of dull knives. I bought your product — now I get yelled at?" he joked. "She cut her fingers twice with these sharp knives. Love your product and so does she! Do you know where I can get a case of Band-Aids?"

Rust and stain-resistant, these knives clean up nicely — they can even go in the dishwasher! 

$19 at Amazon

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