My Grandpa Made All Kinds of Desserts at Our Family's Restaurant—Here’s His Favorite 2-Ingredient Recipe

And it couldn’t be easier to make.



In the kitchen my grandma is known—even renowned—for her cooking. As a longtime restaurant owner and chef, she’s the default go-to when it comes to advice and recipes for Thai curry, noodles, and rice dishes. Meanwhile, my grandpa has carved out his own reputation as a master of sweets. When the two opened their first restaurant, Siam Gourmet, my grandma focused on savory dishes while my grandpa, drawing on his experience working in a French restaurant, crafted an extensive ice cream and sorbet menu that became a highlight of their family-run establishment.

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Although my grandparents don't have the restaurant (or sweets) menu anymore, after decades of perfecting recipes for fruit sorbets and creamy ice creams, my grandpa is still known today in my family as the go-to man for frozen desserts. And of his arsenal of frozen treat recipes is his (and my) favorite sweet treat: his two-ingredient mango sorbet.

I’ve been eating his mango sorbet for as long as I can remember. It’s creamy, sweet, and rich, while somehow remaining incredibly refreshing. With just two ingredients—frozen mangos and a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk—and a blender, it’s the perfect at-home treat to cool down on a summer day.

Once you try this recipe for yourself and see how effortless and delicious it is, you’re going to want to eat it every single day; I know this because I’m currently in that situation with a surplus of mango sherbet in my freezer for whenever the craving strikes. This recipe is just a base. You can experiment with a plethora of other fruits like peaches, pineapples, and so much more.

How to Make My Grandpa’s Two-Ingredient Mango Sherbet


  • 5 cups frozen mangos

  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk


  1. In a blender, add your frozen mangos and entire can of sweetened condensed milk and blend together until the mixture is smooth, about one minute.

  2. Serve immediately, or add to a freezer-safe container and enjoy at your leisure. 

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