Stop Everything Because A 'Normal People' X 'Fleabag' Crossover Has Happened And We Are Not Okay

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Update 27/6: Normal People And Fleabag Have The Crossover Of Dreams All In The Name Of Charity

After we shared the news this week that Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal were reuniting for a special episode for Comic Relief Ireland (read more below!), it turns out the short clip featured a pretty impressive cameo too.

On Friday evening, the clip was broadcast on Irish network RTE, and showed Connell heading in to a confession box in church only to be met by... The Hot Priest. Yes Fleabag's Hot Priest brought to life by Andrew Scott.

The Normal People x Fleabag crossover we could only have dreamed about has happened, people.

In the clip, Connell confesses his struggles with openness in relationships and how he is in love to a Priest who also appears to be struggling with his own decision, that being whether to follow love with Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) or stay in the Church.

Just when we thought things couldn't get better, on the other side of the confession box is Marianne, who reveals she has stolen something... Connell's silver chain.

You know, that silver chain.

The clip continues with the three performing a therapeutic choice of song on the priest's advice. Despite the fact that we know it was penned in 1988 by the incredible Tracy Chapman (and subsequently covered by Irish boyband Boyzone in the 90s), it feels like a very appropriate song choice for Connell and Marianne's entire love story.

Naturally, fans couldn't deal:

You can watch the full episode on RTE player as well as another clip, Normal People in 40 Years, showing what Marianne and Connell's life may look like thanks to

Deirdre O’Kane and Peter McDonald. It looks like not much has changed, tbh.

Original Story 25/6: Grab Hold Of Your Silver Chain Because 'Normal People' Is Returning... With A Twist

It's been months since Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal brought Marianne and Connell into our lives, and it's safe to say we're still not over their love story.

After devouring Sally Rooney's 2018 Normal People novel and conjuring up the love-stricken, yet complicated, lead characters from Sligo in our imaginations, it was a dream to see them brought to the big screen in the most perfect way.

The hit TV series stayed true to the book while also developing the characters in a way only successful television can, making us fall in love with Connell all over again, giving new depth to the already deep Marianne and developing a new found adoration for Lorraine.

Due to the overwhelming success of the series, questions about a second series were inevitable. And while Rooney's debut novel Conversations With Friends is confirmed for a TV adaptation, the likelihood of a second series of Normal People remains a mystery.

However, in lieu of the second series, fans have some good news. Over the weekend, Comic Relief co-founder Richard Curtis divulged to Irish broadcaster RTE that Edgar Jones and Mescal are to reunite in two one-off episodes to benefit the charity.

Photo credit: BBC

'I can't even say all about it because there's a guest star in it," the Four Weddings And A Funeral director said. 'But it's really beautiful.

'I mean, one of the things about Comic Relief is it just gives opportunities for things to happen that would never happen. I can't imagine any context in which they would have allowed a sort of little extra special into the world of Normal People - and you guys have got two!

'There's a beautiful piece called 'Normal Older People' which is imagining what would have happened to Marianne and Connell 40 years from now. I promise you, though, these are two very special bits.'


Fans of Rooney's work will know that the Irish author has already hinted at further events in the life of Connell and Marianne - after, in the original story, budding writer Connell received an offer for a scholarship in New York City - in another essay, At The Clinic. This was written in 2016, before the bestselling novel came out, but ages Marianne at 23-years-old, after she's graduated, and is having her wisdom tooth removed with Connell, who has recently ended another relationship...

Our hearts can't deal with these two.

The special is airing on Irish and Northern Irish TV as part of RTE Does Comic Relief on Friday (26th June). It's then available on RTÉ Player live via catch up for all UK audiences, a spokesperson for the broadcaster told us. Content will also be released on social media too via @RTEOne's channels.

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