What is an emergency grab bag and what should be in it?

Here's what you should have in a grab bag [Photo: Unsplash]

September is Preparedness Month and this year UK police forces are making sure we all take note in 2019.

On Monday, Police Scotland tweeted an image of a #GrabBag, which recommended that members of the public carry a ‘Grab-and-Go Bag’ so that you’re prepared for an emergency at all times.

The backpack contained essential items, including a first aid kit, food, toiletries and a torch.

The grab bag, which has also been promoted by other forces, including Thames Valley Police, has since gained a lot of traction of social media, many mocking it, whilst others called it “scaremongering”.

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The grab bag is part of a larger #30days30waysUK campaign, which is a national initiative around the UK that aims to increase individual awareness and resilience in emergency situations.

Deputy Chief Constable Jason Hogg, Chair of the TVLRF, said: “30 Days 30 Ways encourages people from all walks of life to take small steps to become better personally prepared to deal with many types of hazards which they may encounter. Initiatives such as these help to build personal and community resilience so that when emergencies do occur, the impact is reduced.”

So what should be in a grab bag? As well as an ‘emergency plan’, which should contain important documents, here’s what police suggest you should carry in case of an emergency.

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Food and water

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First aid kit

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