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This GPS pet tracker gives owners 'peace of mind' — and it's 40% off on Amazon

This pet tracker has earned more than 11,500 reviews on Amazon — here's why.

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"Don't wait until your dog runs away to get one — get one now!" (Photo via Getty)

As any pet owner can tell you, there are few things scarier than thinking you've lost your pet or, heaven forbid, actually losing them.

Whether you live on a large property, enjoy leash-free outdoor time or have a Houdini-like hound, it's not always possible to keep an eye on your four-legged friend. However, with the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, you no longer have to.

The innovative pet tracker uses GPS to follow your pet's movements in real time, and right now, it's 40 per cent off at Amazon Canada.

Save 40%: Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker (photo via Amazon)
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker (photo via Amazon)

$42 $70 at Amazon

The details

Follow your four-legged friend's every step in real time with this innovative pet tracker.

A GPS-enabled tracker connects physically to your pet's collar and virtually to your phone via the Tractive app. The tracker is small, lightweight, and 100 per cent waterproof, so your dog can go about their day playing in the mud or swimming in the lake.

The app allows users to mark virtual safe zones, like your backyard, and alerts you when your pet leaves and returns safely. It features a "find mode" for hiding animals, activity monitoring for lazy pups, and live up-to-the-minute tracking.

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker requires a subscription plan to operate, which is available in monthly, yearly, or two-year plans.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs. Photo via Amazon.
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs. Photo via Amazon.

$42 $70 at Amazon

What people are saying

Boasting an "Amazon's Choice" designation, more than 11,500 pet owners have tested the pet tracker, dolling out an average rating of 4.2 stars.

One five-star reviewer says the tracker gives them "peace of mind," especially after previously losing their animal. Knowing that "I'll always be able to locate" our dog "is worth every penny to me," they write.

Another shopper agrees it's "definitely worth the small investment" for the "peace of mind" it brings, particularly if you live on a large property or regularly frequent the bush, hiking trails, or large dog parks.

Our dogs "go deep into the bush" and "down a ravine, and the tracker still works," writes one user. "Don't wait until your dog runs away to get one," they advise — "get one now!"

Despite 6,900 five-star reviews, some shoppers complain about the app's additional subscription fee.

The fee is "annoying," writes one reviewer, but at the end of the day, it "still costs less than your Netflix subscription."

The verdict

If you have an adventure-prone animal, you may want to consider investing in the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, especially given its current sale price. Praised by shoppers for giving them "peace of mind," the GPS-enabled device has earned an "Amazon's Choice" title and more than 6,900 five-star reviews. However, the tracker requires a subscription to function, something to keep in mind when placing your order.

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