The Government's Career Quiz Is Suggesting People Retrain As Boxers

Jasmin Gray
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A question from the government's careers advice quiz  (Photo: Gov.UK)
A question from the government's careers advice quiz (Photo: Gov.UK)

It’s no secret that, thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, a *lot* of people are struggling for work right now.

In the UK, many industries – especially those that rely on big groups of people coming together – are in serious trouble.

It’s been estimated that there could be 450,000 redundancies in the next few months alone.

On Tuesday, chancellor Rishi Sunak suggested that some people whose work had been affected by Covid should consider “fresh and new opportunities”.

Asked in an interview with ITV News what musicians, actors and artists – who have been heavily affected by social distancing and lockdown rules – Sunak said: “In all walks of life everyone is having to adapt.

“I can’t pretend that everyone can do exactly the same job they were doing at the beginning of this crisis.”

It’s an answer that sparked a backlash among a number of high profile creatives – including Liam Gallagher, former Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins and author Ian Rankin.

But others, curious about their future job prospects, have turned to the government’s National Careers Service skills assessment.

The quiz gives suggestions of which fields – and specific jobs – people may suit based on a series of questions such as: “Are you able to control your emotions even in difficult situations?”

Participants are also asked if they agree or disagree with statements like “I set myself goals in life”.

Other statements include: “I am comfortable telling people what they need to do” and “I prefer to follow what other people are doing”.

The assessment hasn’t helped everyone as much as they were hoping.

Maybe whoever designed the quiz questions should consider retraining as a comedian.


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